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Our Specialities

Pride Parade


We are trained and experienced in the unique and specific needs of the LGBTQIA community. Here you are not just welcome, you are understood. Navigating the world as a queer person can be complex, and at times challenging. We work closely with individuals, couples, and families connecting with their sexual and gender identities to help them thrive, have meaningful fulfilling relationships and strong self-worth. We also work with ethically non monogamous,  and polyamorous clients who may or may not be part of the LGBTQIA community.

Stressed Man


Worry and fear are a constant and overwhelming reality for people with anxiety disorders, and they can be quite crippling. You may experience worry around small things, fear in social settings, physical reactions to feeling anxious, or feelings of fear or dread. Utilizing evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy models, our trained therapists effectively work to reduce and overcome these feelings in a collaborative and effective way.

Lone Walk


Experiencing feelings of sadness, lack of motivation, guilt or low self esteem can have serious impacts on your daily life and relationships. Knowing where to start to feel better can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. Using CBT, mindfulness, and psychodynamic approaches our therapists are skilled and trained in helping you start to take the small steps towards feeling better.

University Student


Life transitions are challenging because they force us to let go of the familiar and face the future with a feeling of vulnerability. They can range from a change in job or relationship, to the loss of a loved one or a move to a new place. Our skilled therapists are trained to support you through these changes, finding new ways to overcome the uncertainty and feel grounded in the process.

Runner & Shadow


Trauma changes how a person regulates their thoughts and feelings, and their ability to care for themselves emotionally and psychologically.  A trauma-informed therapist is aware of the complex impact of trauma on a person’s suffering and how it shapes a person’s efforts to cope. It’s not just for people with obvious sources of trauma like physical or sexual abuse. Trauma-informed care applies to people with a range of experiences. Our therapists focus on behavior, beliefs and desired relief so we can repair the deepest level and make long-lasting change.

Image by Eric Ward


Whether through overindulgence in alcohol, misuse of prescription medication, or use of other drugs, these actions can be harmful to our physical and mental health. Substances are often misused to cope with life circumstances, challenging feelings, or our past experiences.  Our team of licensed and trained clinicians are able to help you dig deeper into the triggers and causes, assess the cycles and patterns, then develop effective, proven coping mechanisms to begin a path towards clarity and wellness. We focus on meeting you where you are and exploring where you’d like to be.

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