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Virtual Video Therapy

Telemedicine, like other online services, is a highly effective

method for providing health care from a distance.


We have the secure technology to provide a range of therapy services

including assessments and individual or family therapy through live videoconferencing. The sessions will offer a convenient platform to

reduce the barriers to therapy by avoiding delays in scheduling,

minimizing traveling to the office for busy families or individuals, as well

as treat patients in distant locations.


Each of our therapists have worked in online therapy platforms, and

will create the specific atmosphere needed for effective therapy sessions

with each patient but with the enhanced feeling of safety, security and

privacy of their own home. Teletherapy is being recognized as a 

treatment method as effective or more so, for those that are not able or

do not feel comfortable visiting the office.  

Elizabeth can schedule video sessions for anyone residing in MD, VA, or DC. Many insurance companies are now offering plans to cover teletherapy. Please check with your plan to confirm.

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