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Laptop Work


We have the secure technology to provide a range of therapy services including assessments and individual or family therapy through live videoconferencing. The sessions will offer a convenient platform to reduce the barriers to therapy by avoiding delays in scheduling, minimizing traveling to the office for busy families or individuals, as well as treat patients in distant locations.  Our video based sessions are as effective as in person treatment. We schedule videos sessions for anyone in the state of Maryland.

Father and Children


“Family” is defined by the modern family therapist as anyone who plays a long-term supportive role in one’s life. Often, family therapy is sought when a child is experiencing behavioral challenges, parents are in conflict, an unexpected loss, school problems, or even adjustments to a recent change. Family dynamics can be complex and at times, complicated. We are here to support each member of your family unit create healthy and supportive patterns.

Holding Hands


Couples seek counseling for an array of reasons (infidelity, verbal conflict, intimacy problems​, poor communication​, parenting issues, finance-related arguments and more). We offer emotionally focused couples therapy to address more than surface level challenges to heal deep rooted conflict cycles to help heal your relationship from the inside out. Our therapists offer a supportive and nurturing environment where they can explore and address their relationship needs. 

Smiling Girl


We all could benefit from some extra support sometimes. Our therapists are highly trained and qualified to offer individualized care. We assess your needs and determine who on our team can best meet them. We work together with you to develop the best course of supportive services, to treat a broad range of  experiences and symptoms. 

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